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Celebrity Smiles and Common Mistakes

Recently, a survey by lusterpremiumwhite.com polled people on which celebrities had the best smiles. Topping the list for the ‘best smile’ were Christie Brinkley and Denzel Washington. What do their teeth have in common? Both are gleaming white. So what … Read more >

New Year

As 2016 approaches, many of you may be thinking about making a new year’s resolution. For some of you, this may include a new approach to the way you think about or treat your teeth. So what are some of … Read more >

Soft Drinks and Teeth

Carbonated or ‘soft’ drinks seem to be a massive part of everyday life nowadays. Some chain restaurants offer refillable options, nearly all restaurants offer them as a choice. They form part of the supermarket lunchtime meal deals… It seems just … Read more >

Braces and Timings

‘Do I need a brace? Should I get a brace?’ Opting for orthodontic intervention can seem a big decision. However, with over 200,000 children and adults having orthodontic treatment last year, more and more are making the decision to go … Read more >

Christmas Dinner

There’s a certain set of foods that many of us expect to see on the table on the 25th December. Actually, there’s a certain set of foods that many of us expect to see throughout the entirety of December. Eggnog, … Read more >

The Truth about Plaque

What is plaque and why should you care? It’s one of the words that gets bandied about on TV adverts for toothpaste, mouthwash and etcetera but can you actually define it? Most of us have a vague sense that it’s … Read more >

Christmas Parties and their risks

December: the month of Christmas parties. The halls are decked with holly, all weekends are booked up and every event seems an opportunity to celebrate the festive season. However, this time of year isn’t necessarily one where oral hygiene is … Read more >

Winter Health Tips for Your Mouth

As the days get shorter and the temperature colder, we’re all starting to feel a winter chill. But did you know that your teeth can also be affected by the weather? The cold air may stimulate the nerves within your … Read more >


As the spooky event approaches, it seems everyone is getting in on the act. Pretty much every shop has a Hallow’een display. Even your favourite confectionary probably has a Hallow’een version on sale right now. Even Reading’s getting in on … Read more >

Regrets and Your Teeth

A recent Reddit article asked those over the age of 50 to share what they most regretted in life. Responses ranged from career to relationship regrets but a common theme also turned out to be the way in which these … Read more >