Why a custom fitted mouthguard is essential for sport

Why a custom fitted mouthguard is essential for sport

Post On June 1, 2019 by admin

Every single year dentists around the country consult too many children with trauma to their teeth and mouths due to a sporting injury. A lot of these injuries might have been avoided if the child had worn a custom-built mouthguard.

Professional athletes wear custom mouthguards what is more the sooner children start wearing, and perceiving them as the norm, the better.

There are different kinds of mouthguards accessible – ones that are custom made and fitted by a dental professional, or off the shelf boil and bite types that you can get from sports shops.

The Oral Health Foundation suggest that custom fitted mouthguards from a dental professional are the safest and preferred option.

We recognise that custom fitted mouthguards are pricier than off the shelf options but would advise you to spend a bit more and get one properly fitted. It may sound a lot of money, but compared to a lifetime of dental treatment or the distress of tooth loss, it really isn’t.