Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist

Why Choose

a Specialist Orthodontist?

The differences between a general dental practice and specialist orthodontic practice

General dental practices provide lots of different dental treatments, check-ups, fillings, hygienist appointments and teeth whitening etc. Whereas specialist orthodontic practices usually only provide orthodontic treatment. Some dental practices will offer treatments such as orthodontics but a general dentist will usually have undergone less formal training and may have less experience than a dedicated specialist.

Our specialist orthodontist Ben Buffham first qualified as a dentist and then spent three years studying full-time to become a specialist orthodontist. He’s actively involved in the orthodontic community and attends regular training events to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Because we’re only providing orthodontic treatment, we see a range of patients, including complex and challenging cases. This experience means we’re well placed to answer your questions and advise on the best course of treatment.

We’re able to offer a variety of different braces types, offering our patients the best results and aesthetics. These include clear fixed braces, hidden lingual braces and Invisalign removable aligners. We tailor your treatment to suit your needs and budget. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss all of the options available to you.

The advantages of having treatment at a specialist orthodontic practice:

  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Reassurance
  • Choice
  • Dedicated team
  • After care

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