Our 2D brace system is a comfortable and cost effective solution for straightening teeth.
What are 2D braces?

2D braces are a type of lingual brace, which means they are fitted on the inside of your teeth (the tongue side of your teeth). They are one of the flattest braces available, with a thickness of 1.3 to 1.65mm; this, coupled with the smooth surfaces and round edges, makes treatment more comfortable than other brace types that are equipped with sharper brackets and wires.

A great cosmetic option.

As 2D braces are a very small system and fitted behind your teeth, they are barely visible to others. Their unobtrusive components sit flat against your tooth, so they’ll feel comfortable in your mouth and cause minimal problems to your speech – some patients experience changes in their speech though this is only during the first few days of treatment.

If you’re worried about the changes braces can make to your appearance, 2D braces are one of the best options, as your smile will look good throughout treatment – you need not feel self-conscious or worried about your smile.

Cost effective and fast-acting

2D braces are used for mild to moderate treatments and suitable for shorter treatments lasting 12 months or less. You can choose to have the brace in one set of teeth or we can fit the brace on the front teeth alone. As the brackets can be removed straight from the packet and fitted immediately, the cost of the brace is much less than with other types of appliance. A further factor that makes them cost effective is that there are no lab fees involved.

How do I look after my 2D braces?

Lingual braces can make it quite easy for food to become lodged and therefore more plaque can build-up overtime if you do not apply a good oral hygiene routine.

As they are a fixed appliance, it’s important to makes sure you are cleaning your teeth as thoroughly as possible. Your orthodontist here at Park Lane can advise you on techniques to apply when cleaning your teeth with your brace in. Using fluoride mouthwash can also help protect your teeth from decay. Try to avoid hard and chewy foods which can damage your brace.

If you’re interested in 2D braces, we can arrange a consultation for you.

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