We all love a good wedding – even if we’re not in the bridal party, so when the professional photographer points his camera in your direction you want to be able to show your personality and your smile! A dazzling smile is so not hard to achieve and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

So what are the 5 top things you can do to make sure your pearly whites are exactly that and help keep you smiling all day long [/ezcol_1half_end]

1. Get your teeth shiny and clean!

A visit to your dentist or hygienist will help make your mouth feel fresh and clean, remove any staining or tartar from your teeth and give you a great starting point to help you keep them looking great.

Once you’ve had that done it will be easier for you to keep up that shiny clean smile with your regular home hygiene

2. Use an electric toothbrush

Most dentists now recommend electric brushes as they have been shown to be better at keeping your teeth clean than manual brushes. You are also less likely to press too hard and cause gum recession from over cleaning. The exposed tooth root is darker in colour and more prone to staining and wears quicker than the enamel so look after those gums!

3. Give up the red wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes!

I’m sure you don’t want to hear this but all these things will cause staining or discolouration to your teeth! If you don’t want your teeth to looked stained then cut them down or completely cut them out on the run up to that special day.

I won’t nag but smoking is also bad for your gum health and gives you bad breath too not to mention the other major health issues that can arise.

4. Consider whitening your teeth

Get your dentist to check your mouth is OK for whitening first – only dentists can prescribe proper tooth whitening and give the correct advice and products so do it properly if you want to avoid those nasty side effects like burnt gums or extreme sensitivity. Whitening toothpastes don’t have enough whitening strength but will help with staining.

If you can’t afford tooth whitening and you’re a lady then wearing red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter!

5. Make sure you drink plenty of water and brush your tongue!

Many of the bad smells come from dehydration so make sure to keep hydrated – and this does not mean more champagne folks! (although that will keep the smile on your face!).

Your tongue is naturally “furry” – on it’s surface is lots of hairy projections that are normal but they will trap bacteria, dead tissue, food etc and so over time this will cause smelly breath (especially if you like garlic or onions!) so make sure to give your tongue a good brush at the same time as your teeth!

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