It can be daunting stepping onto an unknown orthodontic route. You may not be aware of the process of getting braces and it can be worrying even considering it as an option. Here we show you a brief step by step guide of what happens when you consider having a brace.

Step 1: First Appointment

At your first consultation, you would discuss the type of orthodontic treatment required and your mouth examined. At this visit you may need to have x-rays and you might require further x-rays in future visits. You will not have any form of brace fitted or treatment on this first appointment. It will just be a chat with your dentist about the treatment and the fees payable.

If you have poor dental hygiene, it could be detrimental to your chances of getting a brace. Your dentist will need to assess whether you are eligible for a brace. This is because it is a lot more difficult to clean them with a brace fitted. If you and the dentist feel ready to continue with the treatment, your next appointment will be to fit the braces. We will be happy to discuss alternatives solutions with you should you need to.

Step 2: Having the Brace Fitted

Your teeth may feel slightly sore for a few days after a brace is fitted or adjusted. Simple painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol can ease the discomfort. It is also recommended that you don’t eat any hard foods for the first few days, to allow your teeth to get used to the adjustments.

Step 3: Duration Time

Treatment time depends on your own personal circumstances, what type of brace you choose and how much alignment your teeth need in order to be straight. Fixed braces can take around 12 to 24 months, though if your teeth are gravely mis-aligned this could be longer. Also missing any adjustment appointments can add time to the total treatment time. Invisalign treatment usually takes less time and can achieve results at a minimum of 6 months.

Step 4: Looking After the Brace

It is recommended that you have regular visits with the hygienist to ensure you keep everything clean. An electric toothbrush is also recommended, as they can clean hard to reach places on the brace that manual toothbrushes cannot as easily.

Step 5: The End Result

You will have perfectly straight teeth and a dazzling smile, with a new found self-confidence!

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