Park Lane

Last week was certainly one of great contrasts.

We began the week with slight nervousness as we prepared for our first inspection by the Care Quality Commission. By the day of inspection most of us were worried that we would say the wrong thing, had missed something fundamental, or not have the right policy or process in place. I was actually looking forwards to it, knowing that we would do well, but also that we could see this as an opportunity to be even better at delivering care to our patients by learning from the inspector areas where we could improve. Happily we received glowing feedback and only a couple of minor suggestions, but not requirements, for improvement. Everyone went home happy, relieved, and really proud of each other, especially as the nicest comments were how strong and close knit as a team we were.

The following day this was put to the test. About half an hour after we arrived at work, one of my staff received some bad news about her Mum and had to dash off to the hospital where the ambulance had taken her. It was such a turnaround in emotions from the previous day. All of us worried on her behalf, praying she got to the hospital safe and sound, and in time. Fortunately her Mum has started to make a recovery and she made it back to work at the end of the week.

In her absence the team pulled together and worked really hard to keep everything going whilst trying to maintain the happy and relaxed atmosphere for our patients. Smiles were worn, voices were calm and welcoming, and team members stepped into each other’s shoes so the show went on!

The week ended on a high after all, and I would like to thank each and every one of my team for the outstanding work and effort they deliver everyday for myself and Ben. Thank you.

Now let’s all enjoy the sunshine whilst lasts.


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