As many more adults are having their teeth straightened, a question that they are often asked by friends and family is “why bother?”

Why bother with braces?

For some people it may seem a natural question to ask, we all have something we would like to change about ourselves (mine is my hair – I’d love to have thicker longer hair!), but have learned to live with it.

Teeth straightening is essentially a cosmetic treatment. What drives people to have treatment isn’t vanity though. There have been lots of studies that show that having nice teeth boosts self-confidence, which in turn has an effect on our well being.

As we age our bodies change, we lose collagen in our skin, ligaments and tendons. We lose the firmness and elasticity of our skin and develop creases or wrinkles.

Like our skin our teeth get “wrinkled” with age and over time this crookedness tends to worsen. For some people that makes it more difficult to maintain good gum and tooth health, for others it makes them look older than they feel.

So why do adults bother with braces?

The number one reason patients come to us for treatment is usually that they don’t like their smile.

Now there are a number of options to correct this, and honestly braces will not be the fastest one – but it’s probably the least damaging (if you clean your teeth properly).

Veneers or crowns can cover over a problem tooth but both require removal of the outer layer of the teeth to be able to fit the new “tooth” over the top. It’s important to realise that it’s not reversible so once you have done it you are committed to have that done again in the future (most veneers and crowns have a life expectancy of 5-10 years). So whilst it might seem a quicker fix, it leaves more of a legacy of future treatment. If you’re happy to accept that then it’s a good option.

Braces may seem intimidating – you will have heard of the pain, the rubbing, pokey wires and the problems eating, not mention the ugly train tracks! For adults it can seem a lot of hassle.

Modern braces are more comfortable now, there are lots of options including braces fitted on the inside of teeth, and we understand how to help patients manage the discomfort (which is usually short lived!). There are also removable brace options such as Invisalign which are very appealing for Adults!

With straighter teeth, you have better access to clean, making it easier to keep teeth and gums healthier. Straighter teeth also means boosted self-confidence, which in turn helps improve our health and well being. Being happier, more confident in yourself can be beneficial in many ways.

So is having braces to straighter teeth vanity or merely sanity! – I’ll let you decide

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