In the previous 2 blogs we looked at the reasons why things can go wrong with your tooth straightening. In this final blog I will cover how to get things right the first time around and provide you with some valuable questions to ask at your consultation and before you start treatment to help you decide if you’re in the right place to get the best result.

It’s better to get it right the first time – but how do you do that?

Although it may seem expensive to have consultations it may be the most valuable stage of your treatment journey. You need to become an expert in your own orthodontic condition! For you to gain this knowledge you need to find out what the problems are that have to be solved in order for the result to be as good as possible. You also need to know ALL the options for your treatment. For this you need to see someone who is also an expert in dealing with your problems. That really means visiting an experienced Specialist Orthodontist – these are dentists that have had specialist training in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning and passed high level exams in order to be registered as specialists with the GDC.

Bear in mind you may also need to see more than one specialist! You can expect different orthodontists to come up with different treatment plans from each other as well – this is quite normal.

I think gut instinct does come into play here too – you will feel very comfortable and reassured if you have found the right person and place for your treatment.

To help you decide here are a few questions to ask to help give you peace of mind before starting treatment

I hope these 3 blogs have been helpful to you and good luck with your tooth straightening!

Paula B

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