It’s so tempting to eat all the wrong foods when you’re on holiday, and Easter is the perfect excuse.

Many people will have given up something naughty for Lent and can’t wait to indulge once again when Easter Sunday rolls around. But if you managed not to eat the ‘treats’ for 40 days then surely you can manage without them full stop!  It’s a slippery slope, so don’t kid yourself that just having a small nibble will be the end of it. Once you eat that first biscuit you can’t resist the next one.

And although the tradition of giving and receiving Easter eggs is really fun, do you really need more than one each?

Frequency of sugar intake seems to be more important than volume when it comes to tooth decay so try not to keep grazing all day. We are programmed to release more saliva at mealtimes, and there is nothing better to help neutralise acid than your own saliva, so eat sweet treats as part of your meal.  And if you must eat chocolate, then try and choose one with high cocoa solids (70%) as these are less likely to give cavities.

Happy Easter!

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