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They say the only constant thing in life is change.  This couldn’t be any truer for us at Park Lane Orthodontics.  Next year is going to see some major changes for us, and that brings challenges also.  Our lovely associate, Alicia, is moving on to greener pastures, so at the end of 2013 we will be bidding her ‘Bon Voyage’ as she and her young family relocate to live in France.  Ironically, what prompted her to take this massive leap was a discussion we had had with her a few weeks before about fulfilling our dreams and taking massive action!  Little did we know what would come of it!  We wish her all the best for her new life albeit being slightly envious at the same time!  It’s a really brave decision to make too, and I stand a bit in awe of her.

When patients come to us about their crooked teeth, they too want to make a change with the help of orthodontics.  It’s a really brave step for them to take on a brace, especially when they are slightly older.  It takes someone with a strong vision of how they want their teeth to look, and a firm belief in achieving it.  Sometimes it must seem like standing on the edge of a cliff and stepping into the unknown (I always think of that Indiana Jones moment in the last crusade).  Luckily for them it’s pretty much a guarantee that their dream of a better smile will happen.  So for all of you over 18’s who have made that leap of faith, I salute you – I can’t wait for you to reach your quest’s end and get your Holy Grail of perfectly straight teeth.


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