‘Do I need a brace? Should I get a brace?’ Opting for orthodontic intervention can seem a big decision. However, with over 200,000 children and adults having orthodontic treatment last year, more and more are making the decision to go for it. So, when should you do it? And is there ever a ‘wrong time’?

Occasionally there can be a worry that someone is too young for braces. Braces are most successful in children but the ideal age is around 12 or 13. By this point, the mouth is still growing and therefore malleable but is also at a point where it is developed enough that the majority of adult teeth have grown in. However, exactly the right age for a child to begin orthodontic treatment depends on the individual – consult their dentist or orthodontist to decide what will best address their needs.

So are you too late? Today, adults make up over half of all orthodontic patients. This is in part due to the recent developments in orthodontics. Subtlety is now easily achievable with the choice of invisible braces or clear fixed braces with translucent ceramic brackets.  Also available are ‘quick fix’ solutions – you can opt for a course of treatment that will show results in just a few months, such as Smile Rapide braces. While it is true that orthodontic treatments may take longer than some ‘instant’ treatments, the permanent results make the investment worth it. If you are an adult considering treatment but unsure about it, weigh up the long and short-term effects. What changes do you want to see? What may seem an inconvenience now could reap rewards that will benefit you for the rest of your life. With this in mind, there’s no time like the present…

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