The prospect of braces is not a popular one for children, for whom the treatment period can seem a lifetime – not to mention the extra brushing and absence of sweets. However, orthodontic intervention at a young age could be the best gift you give your child. They will undoubtedly reap the benefits in their adult life, having the confidence and dental health they need to be successful and happy. Let’s explore the various ways in which teeth braces treatment can benefit your child.

Correcting a bad bite

When your child has a bad bite, unnecessary pressure is inadvertently applied to particular teeth, leading to damaged or chipped teeth. A poor and unstructured bite can affect the chewing muscles, leading to what is known as TMJ; grinding and clenching problems that can cause chronic headaches. 

Can braces fix overcrowded teeth? 

Unnatural gaps between teeth will make it difficult for your child to maintain their oral hygiene and keep their mouth clean and free of harmful bacteria. When teeth are crowded, tiny spaces between them become the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that will turn into plaque and tartar if it is not removed.

Reduce the need for treatment in later years

Allowing a paediatric dentist to examine your child’s teeth early on eliminates the need for more complex treatment later in life. In addition, early intervention is likely to be less invasive for patients than if they were to have treatment in their adult years when permanent teeth have come in and facial growth is complete. 

Your child’s emotional well-being

We all know our children’s well-being is the most important priority, and a crooked smile may jeopardise this. Children can also suffer at the hands of the other children when their smile is different. 

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