Braces are used to correct aesthetic and structural problems with a person’s teeth and bite but equally importantly, they restore a patient’s confidence in their smile.

The complicated relationship between braces and your confidence

Crooked teeth can cause a person’s confidence to dip dramatically, but certain brace types can also make people afraid to smile as many do not wish to expose the fact that they are wearing braces to correct the problem. Here at Park Lane, there is a solution in the form of aesthetic ‘invisible’ brace types, such as Invisalign (clear aligners) and Incognito (lingual) braces. These types of braces put the patient’s confidence first, incorporating a discreet design – your friends and colleagues need not even know you are undergoing treatment. Both Incognito and Invisalign are market leaders in their respective fields.

How exactly does a crooked smile affect confidence?

It’s difficult to escape the fact that issues such as spacing, crowding, and other orthodontic complications can make you feel less attractive. This can take its toll on the self-esteem of children and adults alike and can present problems in many contexts, for example at work where first impressions matter. A Kelton Research Study found that crooked teeth have a negative impact on career success – those who had crooked teeth were unfairly judged as less intelligent and capable.

The benefits of having a beautiful smile

Orthodontic treatment may seem like an intimidating prospect at first, especially if you are dealing with complex  issues that require longer treatment periods. However, the pay-off is priceless, rebuilding your confidence around others and changing the way you perceive yourself. Children and teenagers find they are less shy, feel better about themselves, and are more assertive post-treatment. Meanwhile a study carried out by the American Association of Orthodontists found that 75% of participants (all adults) reported improvements in their career and personal relationships. Before treatment, 71% admitted to having concerns about issues such as the appearance of the brace, however these concerns disbanded once treatment began.

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