If you had your heart set on Invisalign to straighten your teeth and have been told you are not suitable does that mean you have to kiss that dream of a lovely new smile goodbye for good? Not necessarily and here’s 5 reasons why…

Invisalign is primarily a tool

Like any tool it is as good as the person using it. So just because one dentist or Orthodontist has told you it is not suitable for you it doesn’t mean that you aren’t – it may mean that in their hands they can’t get Invisalign to work for you. A second opinion with a more experienced user may give you a different answer! Also a more experienced user may be able to add additional tooth straightening methods to your treatment to make Invisalign more effective for your situation.

Not all Invisalign options are available to a dentists

In recent years new non-specialist users signing up to offer Invisalign have had their range of treatment restricted – the idea being that only more experienced users treat the more challenging/difficult cases. Orthodontists have a much wider range of treatment options available to them including Invisalign First – a treatment option for younger children. So if the person you are seeing is not a specialist they may not be able to offer you Invisalign if your treatment is more advanced – it still means Invisalign could be an option for you with another user. Invisalign now specify on the doctor’s locator those users that are specialist orthodontists or dentists.

The dentist/orthodontist may not be using Invisalign

Unfortunately some clinicians are claiming to use Invisalign but in fact they are using another aligner system. Something that could be treated with Invisalign due to the design and research that has led to its development may not be possible in another system as it may not be as advanced. If you are not sure what they are offering is Invisalign you can check the Invisalign site. Search for them on the doctor’s locator – if they don’t show on the site they may not be a registered user, so what they offer may not be Invisalign.

Invisalign is always evolving

Don’t give up if Invisalign won’t be suitable for you right now – the system is developing all the time and some options not currently available to us may be in the future. If you are really determined to have your teeth straightened and Invisalign is the only way then there will be a way to make it work – watch this space!

There are many other brace options available to you

If aesthetics is the most important thing for you during your tooth straightening then you could consider either a clear ceramic brace or even braces on fitted on the inner surface of the teeth (Lingual). So no to Invisalign doesn’t have to mean no to tooth straightening altogether. You should always be offered a range of options for your treatment and know the pros and cons of each type of treatment in order to make your decision. If Invisalign really wont be suitable for you, there will be an alternative that will.

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