At Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading we want all our patients to know we’ve taken a multitude of steps to ensure you receive safe orthodontic treatment in a Covid 19-safe orthodontic environment.

In case you haven’t already watched our Return from Covid video on the homepage here’s a list of new precautionary measures we’ve put in place to guarantee, when it comes to fitting braces, you’re in the safest orthodontic practice possible.

Before Coronavirus, Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading, Berkshire had the very highest standards of hygiene and cross-infection control. The measures listed above have been put in place to ensure every one of our orthodontic patients and their family members, has the peace of mind to know they’re in the very safest of hands when it comes getting their teeth straightened, wearing braces and enjoying a wonderful new smile, for life.

And don’t forget, if you’d prefer to arrange a remote orthodontic consultation then that’s no problem. Simply click here to arrange a free consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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Our emphasis is not only on the best orthodontic result, but a special focus is placed upon how orthodontic treatment will affect your long-term facial aesthetics.  Why don’t you come and have a complimentary smile scan with our experienced orthodontic therapist and come and see the practice and meet the orthodontic team?