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Whilst children nowadays seem to readily accept the idea of conventional metal braces, the same is not always the case with adults. There are now braces that fit behind the teeth giving a completely invisible option that is the answer to some patients’ “prayers”.

For many orthodontic problems, a fixed brace is the only realistic fully effective solution and the Incognito brace we now offer is as effective as conventional metal braces. Some patients may end up choosing to have a removable clear aligner type of brace without realising that there is a completely invisible alternative that will tend to achieve a higher standard of treatment outcome. Fixed braces are nearly 100% effective in producing the required movement of tooth crowns and roots, which is especially important for the closing of spaces and correction of front teeth that stick out. On the other hand, removable clear aligners have been shown to be less than 50% effective for these types of tooth movements.

The Incognito brace is custom made for the individual in order to be as comfortable as possible and fully effective in producing the desired outcome, and the cost of treatment compares favourably with the cost of clear aligners.

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