Did you know that since 2010, 1 in 5 adults undergoing orthodontic treatment is now an adult? The types of braces available are more diverse than ever before and bespoke treatments make treatment easier than ever.

Will crowns and bridges prevent me from having braces treatment?

Many adults with dental restorations such as bridges, crowns, fillings and implants seek orthodontic treatment. In some cases it can be more difficult to attach fixed braces to certain restorations, which means alternative treatments such as Invisalign clear aligners can sometimes be a better options for certain patients. We can also use other methods to attach your brace to crowns, for example using elastic bands.

How will braces affect my bridges and crowns?

There is a possibility that crowns and bridges can become damaged during orthodontic treatment, though more often than not, this damage is related to aesthetics and there is no need to act. X-rays will be taken so that we can assess the strength of your restorations before beginning to treat your misaligned teeth.

If you have a crown that is loose or causing you pain, this can be replaced with a temporary crown for the duration of your braces treatment.


It’s important to identify any potential complications early, though sometimes intervention may need to wait until your child’s teeth have developed a little more. Check-ups are important, as if your child has misplaced, protruding or crowded teeth, this is less easy to spot and perhaps only identifiable by an orthodontist. Early check-ups can also help spot problems with jaw growth and to address any harmful dental habits.

Children can now benefit from discreet appliances that make treatment more desirable in the past, as they will not feel as self-conscious about their appearance changing.

If you think your child may be developing an under or overbite, an assessment is an effective way of ascertaining whether any action needs to be taken straight away or whether it can wait a little further down the line.

Do we need to treat bites?

There are cases where there is great benefit to treating someone’s bite though usually these improvements are cosmetic as opposed to functional. Sometimes when there is a mismatch in someone’s bite, it does not strictly need to be corrected as there are cases when they can never be 100% corrected in any case. If you are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment, it may be worth having your bite checked beforehand as this may contribute to the success of your treatment.

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