Park Lane

We have had a couple of recent patients who have managed to complete their treatment just before the start of the party season. It’s a real privilege to play a part in changing lives, and it can be really emotional sometimes for all of us. Just this week I removed braces from 2 young ladies, both who had key events happening soon afterwards.

Lizzie has just finished her first term at Oxford University and was so thrilled that her teeth were now “normal” her face lit up when she looked for the first time in the mirror. She is about to go back to her old school to receive not one, but two school prizes for Drama and History so she will be beaming from ear to ear in those photos! She has also got involved in a few plays at Oxford, and although not starring roles she is excited to be part of it, and to have the confidence boost a perfect smile gives is helping her do those things she loves most.

Ellie, my other young lady, was a shy teenager when she first started her treatment with us. Adolescence is a challenging time for us all, parents and teenagers alike, and sometimes it is difficult to get more than a fleeting smile. Ellie has sailed through her treatment, and was really pleased to have her brace off in time for the party she was going to that evening. Her beautiful smile appeared briefly enough for mum to be delighted, and I’m sure her smile will be a winner with her group of friends at the party.

Both of these girls will never have to worry about their wonky teeth again and what better way to begin 2011 with a fantastic healthy and natural smile.

Happy Christmas to you all and best wishes for 2011.

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