Sometimes it seems as though there’s new and conflicting information about dietary choices every day. There was the Atkins diet, now there’s juicing… There are so many different plans being promoted everywhere we turn. However, these dietary plans often fail to take into account your dental health. So, in terms of keeping your teeth and gums in optimum condition, what foods should you be including in your diet and what should you be looking to eliminate?

There are actually certain foods that will help promote the whiteness of your teeth. One such choice is an apple; its crisp and firm texture helps to remove the build up of plaque in your teeth. Carrots offer a similar benefit. Nuts, due to their abrasive nature, will also help to remove plaque. They will also wear off staining on the surface of the teeth. If you are concerned about staining, strawberries could be your best friend as they act as a natural astringent, while the acids in pears also help break down staining bacteria colonies in your mouth and teeth. The potassium and magnesium found in bananas will also help whiten your teeth. Another excellent vegetable is the cucumber: its crunch helps to remove sugar and debris from the surfaces of your teeth alongside being an excellent source of fibre.

Next, dairy products are key in promoting dental health because of their high levels of calcium. This helps to strengthen your teeth and look after your enamel. Adults should be consuming about 1000mg a day. Therefore you should actively try to incorporate foods such as yoghurt and milk into your diet. It has also been found that a protein in the milk used in hard cheeses actively helps promote the retention of tooth enamel, so keeping your teeth looking strong and gleaming. Other brilliant sources of calcium include green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and okra. Another alternative is white beans. If you are a fan of fish, sardines or salmon are another great source.

If you choose to follow a diet plan which recommends eliminating certain categories of food, please ensure that you are still receiving all the recommended nutrients. It may be worth consulting a medical professional – and do ask your dentist if you are concerned that your diet may be doing your teeth an injustice.

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