With the World Cup underway, we thought we’d take a look at some of the footballers who haven’t always had the perfect smile and sought to change this with orthodontic treatment.

Paul Pogba famously wore braces on the pitch – he now has perfectly aligned teeth.

A report published last year found that more than 75% of professional footballers have gum disease, whilst 40% have dental cavities. One of the associated reasons for this is a reluctance to have orthodontic treatment. However, this is changing, with more and more footballers opting for emerging aesthetic brace designs to straighten their smiles. A crooked smile can make looking after your teeth a challenge, as there will be teeth that are obscured by other teeth, making brushing difficult. As a result, many people put their dental hygiene at risk, as bacteria are allowed to build up around the areas that you cannot reach when brushing.

The popularity of clear fixed braces

Huge names such as Paul Pogba and Christiano Ronaldo both opted for clear fixed braces to straighten their smiles – but why did they opt for these in particular? Here are some of the appealing features of clear fixed braces:

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