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With today being Halloween, and as I like to be topical, I am going to make this blog suitably spooky! Well at least a little bit about potentially scary things anyway.

One of the scariest things about having orthodontic treatment for most people is having a mouth full of braces and worrying what other people will think about how you look. The great news is you don’t have to show your brace to get a great new smile. Just take a look at some of the more cosmetic options we offer and you’ll see how discrete, and how unalarming, they can be.

People are also worried, or should I say scared, about the braces causing them pain. The truth is that anyone who has a brace will have some minor degree of discomfort especially after it is first fitted. However, the vast majority find that the discomfort is extremely short lived, much like being spooked on Halloween, and when they reach the end of their treatment and see that fantastic straight smile, they feel all the dread and fear was well worth it to get that end result.

So braces need not be a “Halloween Horror”……….unless of course you are visiting the practice today! The surgeries have been suitably decorated to mark Halloween. So beware, be very aware!

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