As the spooky event approaches, it seems everyone is getting in on the act. Pretty much every shop has a Hallow’een display. Even your favourite confectionary probably has a Hallow’een version on sale right now. Even Reading’s getting in on the act with a Fireworks Spooktacular at the Reading Football Club on the 31st!

However, the focus on sweets and sugar – and with all the parties, alcohol, poses a different kind of horror: the effect on your teeth. So what should you be doing to keep your teeth safe this Hallow’een?

The first option is abstinence. While buckets full of ‘Trick Or Treat’ loot are indeed buckets of huge temptation, try and be mindful about what you are consuming. It may be worth taking the time to craft some healthy snacks that maintain the Hallow’een theme but aren’t bursting with refined sugar. Pumpkin-based dishes or cutting fruit and vegetable into ghoulish shapes are a way of keeping the fun without overloading your teeth. The acid in alcohol and soft drinks weakens the tooth enamel and increases the likelihood of tooth erosion so try and alternate these kinds of drink with water to both reduce the amount you drink overall and rinse away the sugars and acids that are contained within the drinks.

If you do go overboard, keeping up a good oral hygiene regime is key in minimising the damage done. Make sure to brush thoroughly twice a day, morning and evening, and use either floss or interdental brushes alongside this. You should also use a mouthwash around midday – opt for a lurid green one and know that you are in keeping with Hallow’een! As well as this, when did you last see your dentist? If over six months ago, pick up the phone and make an appointment – having regular dentistry appointments is one of the most vital things you can do to protect your oral health.

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