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I, like many of you, sat down at 7.50pm on Saturday night to watch the much hyped “Day of the Doctor”. Now I stopped watching Dr Who after the first series with Matt Smith in the lead role, so some of the characters and storylines were a bit beyond me. However, I was soon sucked in by the time lords escapades and thought the ending was rather good (Tom Baker after all was my doctor). I spoke to my parents the day after, and their reception of it was very different. My Dad though it was rubbish! He didn’t like the 2 newer doctor’s antics at all.

What occurred to me is his perception of it was very much based on when he watched Dr Who – probably the very first episodes where The Doctor character was a much more serious and scientifically minded individual. So what can I glean from this? Apart from you can’t please everyone, I think what strikes me most is that we need to understand what it is that the different generations want from us. It’s all very well being hip and down with the teenagers, but we mustn’t forget that the older we are, the more we value professionalism, courtesy and good service.  And this goes across every industry and location, and not just orthodontics in Reading.


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