Park Lane

One of my adolescent male patients came to see me a few weeks ago to have his brace off before starting at University.  Before he left we were chatting and he was obviously excited about going off to University and looking forwards to Freshers Week.  I wished him luck and he left me with a wry smile and a little twinkle in his eye.  Although Freshers Week for me was over 20 years ago, I can remember how I felt leaving home and striking out in the big bad world.

At the time I had to wear glasses and I was really self conscious of how I looked.  I was blind as a bat so when I went out with my friends I couldn’t see very well and probably scowled a lot – not the best way to make friends or get chatted up!  Over that first Christmas break I got contact lenses and everything changed.  I no longer worried about what I looked like and I could be the real me.  I can’t help thinking that my patient is getting off to a great start at University with a lovely straight smile – he certainly will go with confidence and self assurance.  A fantastic straight natural smile achieved through orthodontics makes a difference, no matter what your age, and we are helping people all over Berkshire, Oxfordshire and beyond achieve just that.


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