Does your braces treatment period run into the Christmas period? Don’t fret, because we know a few Christmas foods that won’t disrupt your treatment….


Containing a multitude of healthy minerals, turkey is good for your teeth and body alike. The phosphorous that is found in turkey mixes with calcium and vitamin D to render teeth and bones strong.


Cheese is packed with healthy minerals that are good for your teeth and will not become lodged inbetween your teeth or your brackets! Eating cheese helps to raise the ph levels in your mouth and lowers your risk of tooth decay. Cheese is easy to break down and will melt down and not linger in your braces and teeth.

Another dairy product, yoghurt, is also good for teeth – perhaps not a conventional Christmas food, it can be added to mince pies and Christmas pudding as a lighter alterative to cream. Like cheese, yoghurt is high in protein and calcium which strengthen your teeth. Natural yoghurt is one of the best types, being low in sugar.


Having braces over Christmas doesn’t have to mean a non-sugar diet. As long as you take precautions like brushing your teeth after you eat it, gingerbread is the no.1 sweet piece for you this Christmas.


Pumpkins are renowned for being enamel-friendly, containing Vitamin A , potassium and fibre. The seeds are a strong source of magnesium (which also helps to strengthen teeth). The one downfall with pumpkin is it can become stuck in your teeth, but as long as you drinks plenty of water these should be easy to remove.


It’s fairly easy to know which foods are going to cause potential harm to your brace and teeth. Avoid foods that are solid and difficult to break down like confectionary, toffee and caramel as well as starchy bread-based foods like bagels. You should also avoid ice.

If you would like any further information about what kinds of foods you can enjoy whilst wearing braces this Christmas, please contact your orthodontist and we can arrange a consultation for you.

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