It’s no surprise that over 5 million people worldwide have opted for Invisalign treatment. Its reputation as a state-of-the-art and minimally-invasive treatment option along withtheir commitment to continuing research and development has made it renowned. Here are a few more reasons why…..

Removable aligners

As they are a removable brace option, you do not have to worry about cleaning your teeth with difficulty. Cleaning your teeth whilst wearing fixed braces can be quite a challenge because of the brace taking up a lot of room in your mouth.

If you have a presentation at work, you can simply remove the aligners, as you are required to wear them for 22 hours each day, leaving your with a 2 hour leeway in which to clean your teeth, eat and do anything else you need to do – Invisalign is designed to fit your routine wherever possible.

Clear aligners

Invisalign have a clear finish which makes them a discreet brace option for patients – celebrities such as Niall Horan and Tom Cruise even wore their Invisalign aligners on the red carpet!

No brace hardware

The lack of brackets and archwires make Invisalign aligners a comfortable choice of brace in comparison with other fixed appliances. As the alingers are removable, they do not include components like archwires and brackets which can often be uncomfortable with certain brace types.

Custom treatment

The aligners are created with your exact tooth structure in mind. Your orthodontist here at Park Lane will take digital impressions of your teeth in order to create the clear aligners to an exact fit for your mouth – this also contributes to why they are a comfortable choice of appliance.

Less prone to damage

As Invisalign are made from plastic, they are less prone to damage than traditional brace models that are made up of brace hardware that is susceptible when exposed to contact. If you play contact sports, you can remove your aligners to avoid damaging them and use an orthodontic mouth guard instead.

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