Want straighter teeth but with minimal changes to your smile throughout the treatment period? Our nearly invisible brace options could be the answer….

Until recent years, orthodontic treatment was rarely something associated with adults but with the emergence of nearly invisible or barely visible brace types, treatment is a less daunting prospect as your appearance changes a lot less than in the past. There are now brace types that put the aesthetics of your smile during treatment first and designs keep evolving to offer maximum comfort and minimal disruption to patients’ everyday lives.

The types of invisible braces available at Park Lane

Incognito braces (or lingual braces) sit on the tongue side of your teeth out of view from others. These are the most cosmetically nearly invisible brace available and can be used to effectively treat more complex orthodontic issues. As lingual braces sit on the tongue side of your teeth, your front tooth surface is not at risk of damage.


This is a smaller version of a lingual brace, sitting behind your teeth out of the view of others. As with the Incognito system, 2D braces are a great choice for patients who wish their smile to look good throughout the treatment period; they are very popular with patients who are self conscious about wearing a brace. The smaller version of brace hardware makes 2D braces a particularly comfortable choice of lingual brace, as they take up less space in your mouth, making eating and speaking easier.


The Invisalign system is a series of removable clear plastic aligners that offer patients flexibility in their day to day lives. Invisalign has now treated more than 5 million patients worldwide including many celebrity names like Justin Bieber Niall Horan and Tom Cruise, who all wore the aligners on the red carpet. Invisalign offers patients a lot of flexibility due to the fact that it is a removable treatment as mentioned above – you have the freedom to eat the foods you love without jeopardising your treatment and you can also take them out to brush your teeth. Invisalign plastic aligners are free of brace hardware like brackets and archwires which can sometimes make braces uncomfortable.

Now the New Year is here maybe you’re thinking about the things you would like to change in 2018. Why not treat yourself to orthodontic treatment and make 2018 the year that restores the confidence in your smile.

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