We all need a little romance in our lives from time to time. February heralds the approaching spring and the wooing of potential partners in the animal world begins to start in earnest. Valentines Day is just around the corner, and for some couples it means a marriage proposal may be in the wings (sorry if I steal anyone’s thunder there! – I won’t tell).

This year we have already had calls from prospective brides and grooms who are looking to improve their smiles in time for their big day. We would love to help them all, but occasionally there is a shortage of time, and though it’s been on their mind for a while it’s the thought of the photos that has prompted their call. If this was a well know american film/theme park moment (you know who I mean) I would whip out my magic wand and play Fairy Godmother and fix their smiles with a quick flick of the wrist, but sadly that’s not the case.

Having said that there are real improvements to the straightness of your teeth that can be achieved even if we are a bit tight for time but the sooner you get started the better they will be. If your teeth are more complicated we can still help! I have treated 2 brides-to-be where we factored in a brief interlude into treatment to allow them to still have a great looking smile for the day and then carry on their treatment afterwards (when they get back from Honeymoon of course!).

But honestly it’s far more pleasing to have finished the whole thing in time!

So when you’ve come down from cloud 9 – don’t forget when you’re planning your perfect wedding day you could also have the perfect smile as well.

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