Caring for fixed braces

Your mouth may feel slightly tender for a few days after you’ve been fitted with braces and the wire changes may also present mild to moderate pain. Patients don’t generally find this kind of tenderness an invasive problem, though if this is not the case, paracetamol and ibuprofen can help keep the pain at bay.

If you do feel there are parts of the brace that feel sharp in your mouth, you can use the relief wax or putty that you were given by your orthodontist here at Park Lane to cover the area. You can also use chewing gum or cotton wool as a short-term solution if you don’t have any relief putty. If you continue to experience sharp pains, you should contact us for advice as it’s possible that a piece of wire has become exposed, which will need to be trimmed to make you more comfortable.

As you cannot remove fixed braces, there are some foods that you should avoid until treatment is complete such as:

These foods can get stuck in your brace or break parts of the brace off, meaning your treatment could take longer.

Removable braces

One of the common problems with removable braces is that the plastic is susceptible to chipping – this isn’t a problem if the brace fits comfortably – the realignment process won’t be affected. If your brace has sharp edges, you can use a nail file or some sandpaper to smooth them down after washing your brace. Be sure to rinse the sandpaper off the brace.

Sometimes components can break but it’s important that you continue wearing the brace if possible. Call the practice for an appointment and your brace will be fixed, though in the meantime you should wear your brace as this will continue the realignment process.

Retainers (removable or fixed)

If you damage or lose your retainer, you should contact the practice in the first instance as it can take up to a week to replace it – during this time, your teeth are prone to movement. If you retainer is damaged and you’re able to, wear your removable retainer during the day until you’ve seen your orthodontist.

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