We’ve recently launched a free remote orthodontic consultation service which all new orthodontic patients can book via our website.

We’ve really tried hard to leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring patient safety at our orthodontic practice in Reading, Berkshire. If you or your child are interested in having perfectly straight teeth and a new, wide, confident smile then please take the time to view our “Return after Covid” video on the homepage of our Parklane Orthodontics website. You’ll see all the new hygiene protocols we’ve put in place to ensure your visit to our Reading Orthodontist practice is as safe and secure as possible. We also understand that for many new patients, choosing the right orthodontist and finding an orthodontic practice happy to answer all your initial questions i.e. what braces will work best for you, what does your orthodontic journey entail, how long will you have your braces on and how much do braces cost; is the most important first step you’ll make. To make this step as convenient and easy as possible you can now book a free orthodontic virtual consultation.

To get the most out of your virtual orthodontic consultation we’ve teamed up with Doxy, an ultra-secure video platform. In addition, our website allows you to upload images of your mouth and teeth in a fully safe and secure way so all your details are protected and only seen by our Orthodontist. It also means you can take the initial steps to discuss your orthodontic needs, treatment options and payment options from the comfort of your own home before attending the practice when you are ready.

Parklane Orthodontics are delighted to say our remote virtual consultation service is safe, convenient and secure so why not try it today and start your journey to a wonderful new smile.

Book a Complimentary Consultation

Our emphasis is not only on the best orthodontic result, but a special focus is placed upon how orthodontic treatment will affect your long-term facial aesthetics.  Why don’t you come and have a complimentary smile scan with our experienced orthodontic therapist and come and see the practice and meet the orthodontic team?