When should I take my child to an orthodontist?

You may be wondering when to arrange your child’s first orthodontic appointment. At Park Lane Orthodontics, we proudly provide a range of paediatric orthodontic treatments to identify any emerging bite or crowding complications. We believe in early intervention to address orthodontic issues, as it can lead to better outcomes in the long run. Our experienced orthodontists are here to shed some light on when to bring your child to their first orthodontic appointment and the benefits of early intervention.

Early intervention: the benefits
Confidence and wellbeing

We recommend bringing your child to their first orthodontic appointment around their ninth birthday. Your child will still have some baby teeth but our orthodontists will be able to identify any issues early, working with your child’s growing mouth.

Orthodontic ailments that significantly impact your child’s appearance can manifest into long-term confidence issues, should they go untreated into their adulthood. Failing to address certain orthodontic issues early can also affect any future treatment that your child may wish to have, such as cosmetic treatment like veneers.

What our paediatric orthodontists will look out for

During your child’s first appointment, we’ll assess their oral health and development. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide expert advice on their orthodontic needs. As part of their ongoing treatment plan, we will look out for:

Baby teeth that are lost too early or too late.
Thumb sucking that continues past the age of four.
An uneven bite/malocclusion.
Narrow jaws that may mean there is not enough space for the adult teeth
No spaces between baby teeth

What paediatric orthodontic treatments are available?

Removable plastic braces involve the use of a lightweight plastic removable brace, with a discreet design principally used for alignment and crowding issues.

Functional braces can tackle protruding teeth and help give your child a stronger bite. They are worn on the top and bottom set of teeth.

Fixed braces are used once all of your child’s adult teeth have come through. Secured to your child’s teeth, they use gentle force to realign your child’s teeth into a healthy smile. However, some early correction of teeth can be achieved with a “mini” brace, which can be used to correct top front teeth that are trapped behind the bite

Invisalign Teen is available to older children who wish to have a minimally invasive cosmetic brace. Removable and aesthetic, Invisalign aligners allow patients to remove the braces in order to floss and eat.

If you would like more information about when to book your child’s first orthodontic appointment, please contact us. Call our experienced team today on 0118 941 1628. We look forward to hearing from you.

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