Did you know that it’s possible to have orthodontic treatment without your smile changing during the treatment period? Here at Park Lane we offer brace types such as lingual braces (the Incognito system), and 2D braces that sit on the tongue side of the teeth, completely out of view to others.  

Many patients (particularly adult patients) are reluctant to begin orthodontic treatment because the fixings of the brace means changes to their smile during the course of treatment. However, advances in orthodontics mean that you can have your cake and eat it when it comes to aesthetics and the treatment period. Options such as the lingual brace are attractive to working professionals involved with customer or client-facing work who wish to look their best and make a good first impression. Your smile is one of the first features others notice about you, so it’s important to invest in it and in turn, invest in your confidence.

A further element that makes the lingual design appealing is that there is no risk of damage to your front tooth surfaces.

20% of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are adults. This figure is set to rise as braces become increasingly flexible with patients’ day-to-day priorities and requirements.

Additional benefits of lingual braces

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