In 2018, the role of orthodontic treatment extends beyond realigning teeth and improving your bite and plays a huge part in restoring confidence and emotional wellbeing, especially in an image-conscious society. The shift in people’s motivation to undergo treatment is reflected in the fact that 1 in 5 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is now an adult.

People with poorly-aligned teeth or a poor bite will often develop self-confidence issues, resulting in them covering their mouths to laugh, smile with their lips closed or even avoid speaking around strangers in order to hide their teeth.

Parental resource Askdrsears believes that ‘self-esteem is a child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s wellbeing and the key to success as an adult. At all ages, how you feel about yourself affects how you act’. Orthodontic complications can also result in speech impediments, which can become a long-term problem (and increase the risk of bullying) unless they are dealt with early on in the development of your child’s tooth growth.

A survey of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment carried out by found that 81.8% of those surveyed reported an improvement in social relationships and emotional wellbeing and of the 26.5% who had speech impediments, 85.2% reported an improvement.

Wellbeing and self-confidence is central to the other benefits that undergoing orthodontic treatment has to offer:

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