Many people still think that to see a specialist requires a referral – in the case of medical problems that is largely true but in Dentistry you don’t have to wait for your regular dentist to write a letter. We tend to find that more of our patients come direct to us to book their consultation.

Most Specialist areas in dentistry are quite easy to access. It’s probably worth getting the all clear from you dentist for treatment as there may be other things that would need to be sorted out first. If you’ve looked after your dental health then everything should be clear to get you started.

Who can self refer?

Anyone can refer themselves or their child (as long as they are over the age of 8 years old) for an orthodontic consultation. If you have already started treatment under another provider it’s better to ask your previous orthodontist to refer you to us. They can then pass on the relevant information about your treatment to us to aid a smooth treatment transition.

When to self refer?

If you are looking to straighten your teeth and ready to get started with your journey you will need a full orthodontic assessment with a specialist orthodontist. This will include checking your teeth, jaws and bite and taking models of the teeth, photos and x-rays. To book that in with us you can either call or message us and we’ll take it from there.

If you are an adult and not sure you are ready to get started but want to know your options then we can carry out a shorter pre-consultation appointment. You will still get to meet our specialist orthodontist and treatment coordinator who will be able to let you know if you are suitable for treatment and the fees involved. If you then decide to go ahead then a second appointment will be made to collect the records needed to finalise the treatment plan.

What information do we need to accept a referral?

We need your name, date of birth and contact number and email initially. Once you book in for a consultation we will take the rest of the information needed for your patient file. If you don’t go ahead with booking a consultation you can request that we remove your details from our records, which we will happily do. We would only need to keep your records if you have had an assessment or treatment from us.

What happens after your assessment?

We all need time to consider things so we don’t expect all patients to say yes to treatment straight away. You will be given a quote that will be valid for 3 months and we will keep in touch with you, contacting at suitable intervals agreed by you. There is no obligation for you to have treatment, we will start when you are ready. We want you to start at the right time for you or your child.

If you are bringing your child for an assessment we may need to review them at a later date if they are not ready to start treatment. The timing of this will be agreed at your visit.

Book a Complimentary Consultation

Our emphasis is not only on the best orthodontic result, but a special focus is placed upon how orthodontic treatment will affect your long-term facial aesthetics.  Why don’t you come and have a complimentary smile scan with our experienced orthodontic therapist and come and see the practice and meet the orthodontic team?