• Out with the old, in with the new!

    Being a cricket fan this winter has been a bit painful.  After several Ashes successes, it seems the England boys have been left standing still, whilst our Aussie counterparts have come out fighting.  So what went wrong?  England did.  We found a way to beat the Aussies and stuck with it – and in the past few clashes it worked.  But if you really dissect it down our batsmen were struggling, and we relied on our bowlers to knock over an equally bad Aussie batting side.  So the Aussies took massive action and changed their game so radically that England couldn’t do a thing to stop the whitewash.  So what does this tell me?  If we hang onto old ways too much, we are in danger of being left behind whilst someone else takes the initiative.

    Ben and I have, for some time, focused our orthodontic practice towards reducing the need for tooth extractions.  We have changed our philosophy and treatment, and the results are really gratifying.  Although we are not as radical as the Aussie cricket team in our changes, we are definitely not doing the same old, same old teeth straightening.  As more of our teenage patients have healthy teeth, it is our intention to help them keep all of them, and in the process give them a straight natural smile.  After all you never know in the future when they might need those teeth!

    A full assessment with a Specialist Orthodontist is currently only £47, so now is as good a time as any to see what orthodontics, and our new philosophy, could do for you or your children.