This patient chose to have clear fixed braces and agreed to speak to us about her experience of orthodontic treatment at Park Lane and how it has changed her life.

*Note that ‘Q’ is questioner and ‘A’ is the patient.

Why Clear Fixed Braces?
Q. What was it that prompted your treatment?

A. I came up to a big birthday and decided that it was time for me to invest to some money In myself and had always hated my teeth. I was about to have a brace when I was a child and we moved away – my new dentist told me I did not need a brace.

Q. Can you show us what they used to look like?

A. Lots of overlapping here – my top teeth grew backwards and that impacted on my bite also.

Q. Did that affect your smile?

A. Definitely. I very rarely smiled showing my teeth.

Q. So that impacted on your personality?

A. It can do yes. I had to work hard not to let that happen and I think when you do the job I did and you’re in front of people, I decided that was the time to invest.

Q. How did you find out about Park Lane?

A. Through a friend – her daughter had come here and thoroughly recommended the service.

Q. What was the first visit like?

A. It completely eradicated any fears that I had. I felt that my teeth were imperfect and Paula and Ben – although it wasn’t a promise – ensured me that things were going to be so much better. It was everything to look forward to.

Q. How long did the treatment take? 

A. Approximately 18 months from beginning to end.

Q. Is there anything that you would change about your treatment?

A. I would have done it about 20 years sooner. I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any shorter – it was copabe with. The only downfall was the staining of the bands when eating curry!!!

Q. I’ll have a word with Ben, ask him to do a bit of research…

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