The end of January is often the point at which the success of a New Year’s Resolution is measured. This measurement is gauged by asking ‘have you managed to keep up your resolution?’ The implication is that if you have ‘stuck it out’ for a month then congratulations – this really is the new you. Alternatively, if you digressed from the goal then some will conclude that there is no point continuing.

Actually, this kind of attitude is often reflected in a person’s oral hygiene routine. Far too often, people adopt an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach. So it is that many find themselves vowing that from the 1st January, they will avoid all foods and drinks which could damage their teeth, revamp the way and frequency they clean their teeth and make sure to regularly visit the dentist.  Then February arrives and if these vows were not 100% adhered to, some may decide it’s a sign to return to old habits. But is this giving up too soon?

This is an area where it really helps to remember the maxim ‘every little helps’. If you set yourself specific goals to meet and haven’t been meeting them. please ask yourself whether there is still any improvement from before. Perhaps you have forgotten to use disclosing tablets over the past week, or to floss when going to brush your teeth. However, if your use or practice has increased since 2015, this is something to take pride in. It’s better to do something infrequently than not at all.

The most important thing you can do for your teeth is simply to remember to make them a priority. Know the oral hygiene regime that you are aiming for. Keep an eye on your teeth and gums and consult your dentist if you have any concerns. If you do happen to neglect them one day, you must not feel guilty but instead ensure that this does not become a habit. Keep striving to take optimum care of your teeth and gums; you will reap the rewards!

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