When bride smile

I had a lovely experience this week. I saw a bride-to-be feeling full of confidence and excitement about her wedding next Saturday.

3 weeks ago we were contacted by a young lady, who had undergone orthodontic treatment in her teens, because the fixed retainer behind her front tooth had broken. During our initial chat she told me she was getting married soon. I noticed that her top front tooth was slightly out of line, and I could tell she was a bit self-conscious about it.

After a brief chat we agreed that it would be great if the tooth could be straightened in time for her wedding.

We scanned her teeth in the practice and produced a 3D image which was sent to our Lab in the UK so a new “positioner” or aligner could be made. Just 2 weeks later she came for a review and all looks great. A beautiful, happy, smiley bride!

With a new bonded retainer fitted today her straight tooth will be secured in the right position and with a night time retainer as back-up, her straight teeth will be maintained for years to come.

Nice to know my little contribution will mean she’ll be able to look back on her wedding photos and see a full, wide, beautiful smile! Happy patient, Happy me!

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