Park Lane

Autumn will soon be well and truly with us. The nights are drawing in, children are back at school and blackberries are ripening in the hedgerows. It’s a time of year I associate with a freezer full of fruit pies and cupboards of homemade jam. We all start looking towards the end of the year as well as thinking about Halloween and Christmas. For Park Lane Orthodontics, September is when we start planning for the next year and it’s a very exciting vision for the practice.

As we continue to steer the treatment philosophy towards more non-extraction teeth straightening treatments for children and earlier orthodontic interventions for the growing child, we are starting to see the “windfalls” of shaking up the old ways. Children keeping all of their adult teeth but having a fantastic straight smile is a great cherry to have in your basket – and we want a whole basketful of happy smiling children who maintain all of their healthy adult teeth. So bring on the longer nights and chilly mornings. I can’t wait for 2014 to come around so more children can benefit from having their orthodontic treatment with us.


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