Fixed braces no longer mean the clunky and sizable designs of the past, generally associated with children and young people. The fixed brace designs of today mean smaller brace hardware, improved comfort and better aesthetics, making them much more attractive to adult patients.

Despite the emergence of removable braces, fixed brace types remain a consistently popular choice for patients, offering predictable results and a more comfortable fit than in previous years.

Clear fixed braces

Clear fixed braces have translucent ceramic brackets as opposed to metal brackets making them a less cosmetically invasive choice of appliance. A more recent development is the introduction of tooth-coloured wires which has contributed to the aesthetic design of the brace.

‘Invisible’ Incognito lingual braces

‘Invisible’ lingual braces are unique in the sense that they sit on the tongue side of your teeth, making them the most aesthetic choice of brace available. They are the most customised type of brace we offer, created and designed to treat your personal orthodontic complications and though they can be used to treat moderate issues, they are generally used for severe problems. The fact that they are 100% bespoke makes them superior to other brace types when it comes to comfort.

2D braces

2D braces have similar characteristics as Incognito braces, sitting on the tongue side of your teeth out of view, however, their components (brackets and archwires) are smaller than those used with Incognito braces; the lingual bracket has a total thickness of 1.3 to 1.65mm sized brackets. The components sit very flatly against the tooth, making them one of the most unobtrusive brace types around, making very minimal changes to your speech.

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