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Many people would really love to have a slightly straighter smile but don’t want to go through complicated and long winded teeth straightening treatment. They are turning to “short term orthodontic” solutions such as Six Month Smiles or Inman Aligners, which can often be provided by their general dentist.

“Why don’t orthodontists offer these treatments?” you may ask. Well, orthodontists are taught not only to straighten the teeth, but also to fix bite problems and generally try and achieve the best possible outcome for each and every patient. It is for this reason that many orthodontic practices think that these quick and easy teeth straightening solutions don’t do the job properly.

I confess that we thought the same thing too! It’s hard to ignore the training and evidence that you are presented with, but what we are continuing to learn is that it’s important to listen to what the patient wants from their orthodontic treatment, not what we want them to have – namely the perfect teeth straightening outcome/result. In this respect, we can learn a lot from our dental colleagues.

So watch this space because Park Lane Orthodontics will soon be offering fast orthodontic solutions at affordable prices – with the added benefit of years of orthodontic expertise.


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