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A professional consultant in her 40s chose the ICE brace and with her desire to get the perfect smile and healthy straight teeth as soon as possible she was keen to minimise the time spent in braces. She therefore chose to utilise the AcceleDent system and has provided some feedback on her experience with us to date:

โ€œI have had no problems what-so-ever with this device and have been surprised at how easily it has fitted into my daily routine. Since getting the device I have not missed a single day and do not find it uncomfortable or painful in the slightest.

My teeth are a little bit sensitive for five minutes after using the device but this is short lived. The device is easy to clean and charge and I only have positive things to say.

My teeth have moved considerably in my opinion and whilst I cannot say whether that is down to this device accelerating the process; as an older client with a brace, any time reduction is most welcome in my view.

It is much quieter than I thought it would be and does not interfere with being able to watch TV at normal volume.โ€


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