There are certain items that really ‘sum up’ summer. Whether you’re selecting emoticons or looking at language prompting cards for children, there’s a set list of images which we know to interpret as ‘summer’. A sun. Sunglasses. A bikini. A parasol. A cocktail. Ice-cream. Summer means holiday and with 53% of Brits going abroad last year, venturing to another country is a popular choice.

A trip abroad invariably means enjoying some of the local cuisine and departing from your usual diet. This can mean an amazing experience: the opportunity to try food and dishes that you’ve never before tasted, or perhaps that which you have tried in the UK but want to taste ‘how it’s really done’. The flip side of this is that our normal attitudes to food go out of the window: people are aware that they are on holiday and so, completely understandably, seek to treat themselves more than usual.

Your Holiday Regime?

What’s important with this holiday regime is ensuring that you look to the future alongside enjoying the break. Unlimited sugary cocktails and ice-cream can be one of the highlights of your holiday but in order to prevent negative repercussions from these indulgences further down the line, you should remember to keep up a good oral hygiene routine alongside. This means remembering to take a good set of dental products on holiday and remembering to use them as regularly and thoroughly as you would at home.

These items should be prioritised just as you would your swimsuit and sunscreen. Make sure to clean your teeth morning and evening and to keep an eye out, as ever, for any problems which may need addressing with your dentist once you’re home. It’s worth bringing along a travel dental kit, available from your local pharmacy, in case a tooth does need some temporary attention before you can go home and visit your dentist to get it sorted. We also supply orthodontic travel kits here at Park Lane Orthodontics, just in case you need to do any repairs on the road. Just pop in and ask one of our team!

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