Martina Higgins and Andrea Jaegar – fixed braces

Swiss-born Martina Higgins and former US world No.2 Andrea Jaegar both opted for fixed braces in the 80s – this type of brace continues to be popular today. Traditional metal braces still use the same mechanics to straighten your teeth today as they did in their early days and other fixed brace models like lingual braces draw upon these same mechanics. However, the brace hardware like brackets and archwires are now smaller, offering a better level of comfort for patients.

Venus Williams – Clear fixed braces

Clear fixed braces are a more aesthetic take on traditional metal braces, using the same mechanics to guide your teeth into a desired position. As a teenager, Venus Williams chose this type of appliance to deal with mild-moderate misalignment problems which one of several uses of the brace – clear fixed braces can also be used to treat crowding and widely spaced teeth. The brackets are translucent, blending in with the shade of your tooth enamel and a more recent cosmetic design trait is the introduction of thinner tooth-coloured wires. Clear fixed braces allow patients to have the best of both worlds – the effective mechanics of the traditional metal brace with an up-to-date aesthetic design.

Serena Williams – Invisalign

Arguably the best tennis player of all time, Serena Williams did not always have the winning smile she does now. At the age of 16 she opted for Invisalign clear aligners to correct a crooked smile. The non-invasive nature of Invisalign is likely to have been very appealing to her as a tennis player, giving her the option of removing the aligners to eat and drink – being a tennis player, diet is a huge factor that cannot be interrupted with 12-24 months of restrictions because of treatment.

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