We we’re thrilled last week to receive the following testimonial from Sara:


“Since being a child I had always been disappointed to have overcrowded and crooked teeth. It didn’t stop me smiling but I didn’t like it! Corrective treatment wasn’t an option available to me as a teenager in the 1970’s and, not knowing much about it other than the need to wear braces, I had ruled it out since then.

It was only when my own daughters were recommended treatment that I began to understand the range of possibilities that are now open everyone. Following a very thorough consultation with Ben, where we reviewed my lifestyle and the requirements of my job (I do a lot of public speaking), I chose to begin my treatment with lnvisalign. I saw it as 50th birthday present to myself !

“I found Invisalign very easy to use”

I found Invisalign very easy to use although it does require a lot of discipline, and the benefits of it being almost invisible are obvious.At no time was I embarrassed or nervous and hardly anyone ever noticed it. However, I chose a conventional brace to complete the treatment because it was quicker, I had a family wedding to attend and I really wanted to be finished in time. I wore a transparent brace for 8 weeks; I wasn’t embarrassed or nervous about this either and in retrospectInvisalign Logo I think I would have been perfectly happy to have had a brace for the complete treatment. I even have photos with the brace on and its barely noticeable. My kids thought it was “cool” that their Mum had a brace, even though it wasn’t as pretty as theirs.

For anyone thinking about treatment it’ s obviously a combination of how much you can afford , how long it’s going to take, how disciplined you are and how you feel about being seen with a brace on. I don’t think braces carry the stigma that they once did, even for adults, and the variety of options available ensure there is a solution for everyone. Invisalign is great but I would also recommend the transparent brace if that’s an option. I have absolutely no regrets except that I waited until I was 50!

“The team at Park Lane are fantastic”

The team at Park Lane are fantastic professional, sympathetic, very considerate and always friendly. At one point, three of us were regular visitors and, strangely, I think we will miss it when we’re all through. I love my new smile; it was absolutely worth the 18months of treatment and I can’t thank Park Lane Orthodontics enough.

Sara Todd”

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