Many people seek comprehensive or limited objectives treatments to restore and enhance their health and appearance. Here at Park Lane we offer a range of treatments that fall into both of these categories and encompass different advantages and results.

Comprehensive treatment

A patient would seek comprehensive treatment when they wish to have a full re-alignment of their teeth or jaws, to ensure that both upper and lower teeth interlock correctly. Treatment usually takes 12 months or more to complete. Once the treatment is complete, patients are required to wear a retainer to prevent teeth from shifting back into their original position.

Limited objectives treatment

This type of treatment is popular with those who wish to rapidly change the appearance of their teeth for a special occasion. Smile Rapide is a limited objectives orthodontic treatment that focuses on straightening your front teeth. The Smile Rapide options offered by us here at Park Lane are fixed braces or ‘invisible’ lingual braces – you can read a little more about these below. Our patients have reported that they notice a change within a mere few months of undergoing this treatment. The ‘rapide’ in ‘smile rapide’ refers to the short treatment time period, which is generally less than 12 months. Unlike Inman aligners or Six Month Smiles, a further factor contributing to the short treatment period is the fact that we do not need to send a mould of your teeth away to a laboratory, which means there is a delay in starting your treatment.

As well as results, we can offer different types of braces to suit your lifestyle

Lingual braces

Unlike the days of the past, orthodontic treatment no longer means you need to feel like you stand out with a metal mouth. ‘Invisible’ lingual braces are great for patients who have a customer-facing role and do not wish for their appearance to alter as well as for image-conscious professionals. These type of braces mean you need not feel self-conscious about smiling during your treatment, fitting on the inside of your mouth (tongue side of your teeth), out of view.

Clear fixed braces

Short-term options do not equate to making compromises over the quality of your treatment and these options can also still offer inconspicuous aesthetics. Clear fixed braces offer the alignment and straightening benefits along with a subtle appearance (or lack of)!

If you have severe crowding or bite problems, these are the best option for you. As they are translucent, they blend with the colour of your natural teeth. Tooth-coloured wires have also been developed, ensuring clear fixed braces are as inconspicuous as possible.

We offer payment plans with this kind of treatment – please speak to your orthodontist at your consultation for more information.

Here at Park Lane patients have the option of comprehensive treatment as well as being able to choose from shorter courses of treatment, such as those listed above.

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