There are many things to consider when you plan your Wedding Day. Venue, dress, rings, flowers, photographer…….. the list goes on. We see many brides, bridesmaids and parents who are thinking about straightening their teeth – some have plenty of time till the big day, but some literally only have months!

Whilst that may seem a lost cause – we have treated many patients where we have to make a difference to their smiles in a short time span. There are a few options that can be considered and if you have been following my blogs you may be aware of them already but I will repeat them for those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, and talk about the pros and cons.

This is an option that many go for especially with train track (fixed) braces. It means there are no braces or Invisalign attachments on the teeth for the Wedding Day and we can still carry on afterwards to get the final outcome.

2. Have a brace fitted on the inside of the teeth

Known as a “lingual” brace. You have all the same benefits of a normal brace but it is discretely fitted behind the teeth so even if you still have it fitted by the time the wedding comes around who would know!

3. Agree on a treatment outcome that is not a comprehensive one

We call this limited objective treatments (often associated with branded systems such as Inman Aligners or Six Month Smiles). These can get straighter teeth in a reasonably short time period. However they MUST be well retained as they often have a greater tendency to slip back to the pre-treatment position as the full orthodontic issues have not been totally resolved.

Another potential barrier to treatment is cost. Weddings can be expensive affairs and justifying spending £3-4,000 on your teeth may seem crazy when that could cover the cost of the dress or the honeymoon.

However many orthodontic practices (including ours) offer payment plans to help spread the costs of treatment (unlike some Wedding suppliers!) so it is much easier to afford treatment than you may think (for a little as £80 a month on direct debit)

So when is the best time to have your braces? When you are ready to have them of course, so don’t let those little gremlins of doubt stop you getting your teeth straightened for that important day – where there is a will there is a way.

Call our lovely treatment coordinator Fran on (0118) 9411685 to arrange your consultation with us and find out more about the treatment and how to spread the cost to make it easier for you.

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