Not all of of “wedding” clients are brides and grooms. We also get Mums and Dads seeking treatment prior to their Son or Daughter’s wedding, wanting to look their best for the day and those all important photos.

I am going to share the story of two of our lovely patients who have kindly agreed for us to do so.

Meet June

“For as long as I can remember I had been unhappy with the appearance of my teeth.  When I was young the options to have them corrected were not there.  I did visit an Orthodontist when I was in my fifties but was told my only option would be to have fixed metal braces. I knew I would not be confident with their appearance and declined.

I was resigned to never having them corrected until my partner’s daughter had Invisalign braces fitted by Park Lane Orthodontics.  They were working well, showing good results and were virtually undetectable.

When my son told me he had set the date for his wedding eighteen months ahead I decided to go along for a consultation to see if my teeth could be improved in time for the ‘big day’. I fully expected to be told I had left it too late in life and it would not be possible to correct them.

To my surprise I was told that correction was possible. The results have surpassed my expectations and on the wedding day I was able to smile with confidence”

Meet David

“I have congenital hypodontia (born with permanent teeth missing) and wear and tear had left me with set of teeth which did not have two that met together anywhere in my jaw, making eating difficult, and smiling impossible.  There was also an issue with me inadvertently spraying rather than saying. I approached my dentist for false teeth.  He said that they could not satisfactorily be fitted until the existing teeth were straightened and he referred me to Park Lane.

As I put in my 2017 Christmas round robin… “In January, 2 1/2 years of orthodontic treatment culminated in 3 dental implants (fitted by my own dentist) in the spaces created in the upper jaw by the braces.  The implants are brilliant, just like teeth”. As you can see by the picture of the “proud parents of the bride” I am happily smiling. So I guess that you could say that I no longer have to remember to keep my mouth shut in photos!”

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