2D braces are available at Park Lane and have helped many patients in and around the Reading area correct orthodontic issues.

2D braces

2D braces are a smaller version of a lingual brace and one of the most comfortable and cost-effective treatments we offer. 2D braces incorporate a very small bracket system that is fitted behind your teeth, rendering them practically invisible to others (as they sit on the tongue side of the teeth).

The brace hardware sits very flat against the tongue side of your teeth which means the brace does not feel uncomfortable and obtrusive. Your speech is also less affected than with other brace types.

If you are particularly self-conscious about your smile, 2D braces and indeed, lingual braces are a good choice for you. Your smile will look unaltered whilst you go through treatment, as no-one will be able to see that you are fitted with a brace. We have found that this type of brace is a realistic alternative to other brace types for many of our patients.

A little more about 2D braces…

As with any lingual braces, 2D braces require an initial consultation, so that the correct course of treatment can be ascertained. if you like the idea of a discrete brace option and are sutiable, we can fit your brace as soon as you like so you can start the journey to a straighter smile with no delays.

If you would like to know more about the orthodontic treatment options we offer here at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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